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Planetarium Tajikistan


To build a modern planetarium in a building.


There was already a planetarium in the building, but it was outdated. Its attendance was approaching zero.


The customer planned to modernize the facility, to create a popular place for entertainment and educational events. 


The city of Khujand, Tajikistan


I went to the site in advance, inspected the area, took measurements, photos, and videos so that I could work out the best technical solutions later. Since we were going to work in another country, the main difficulties were in transporting equipment and materials.

Equipment delivery

We thought through the logistics and took care of the authorization documents. The equipment is complex, compounded. Therefore, we had to be careful in selecting Customs Commodity Codes, compiling descriptions, and filling out declarations to avoid delays at customs.

The plan was to arrange transportation by air, which was the fastest option. But this was not without surprises! The pandemic forced airlines to cancel flights one after another. We were afraid that we would not be able to deliver the equipment at all, but in the end, we found a company that transported the cargo.


The specialists reached Khujand without any trouble and got to work right away. It is worth mentioning that the DomeHall team is mobile, accustomed to business trips; by 2020 we have gained experience in dome construction in Russia and abroad.


We assembled the dome, stretched the tent, installed ventilation, lighting, did finishing work inside.We prepared and connected servers, equipment, and an 11.5-meter-diameter screen. It was the first time when frameless vacuum screen technology was used in the CIS countries.

Adaptation and training

To attract the national audience's attention to the planetarium films, we ordered their translation into Tajik. At the same time, we connected the system to an international library that regularly updates media materials. We taught local experts how to operate the planetarium. Despite the equipment's complexity, the control interface is user-friendly. In addition, we are always in touch, providing consulting and technical support online.


We were working under tight deadlines, as the object's completion was scheduled for a holiday. We made it! President of Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmon opened the planetarium.


Abumahmudi-Khujandi Planetarium is now digital.


It became an attractive place for leisure and educational activities. Film rentals began to bring in revenue. Here, the city holds events and receives important guests.





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