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The first domed greenhouse in Russia


To build a unique farm with innovative technologies for the year-round cultivation of strawberries and other crops.


The city fo Omsk, Omsk Region


Since a project of this scale was the first of its kind in Russia and included many unique and innovative developments, several months were devoted to designing and discussing the project's details before installation.


  • Will there be enough light?
  • How to install irrigation?
  • How to place the vertical greening system inside the dome?
  • How to install the heating system in winter and overheating protection in summer?


All these and many other issues were discussed with the customer's representatives so that the project's launch went without delay since this construction was funded by private investors from all over Russia.


Inflatable facade

The inflatable facade technology was developed deliberately for the project. The polyurethane film is sealed, creating a space that is subsequently inflated with inert gas, resulting in minimal heat loss. In terms of thermal conductivity, this technology replaces the 7-chamber glazing.

The cushions are connected by a special system of valves through which they can be promptly deflated and inflated. This function solves the snow clearing problem. The cushions deflate and, thanks to the greenhouse's spherical shape, snow falls down. The cushions are an insulator protecting from the cold in winter and from excessive heat in summer. At the same time, they let in UV rays essential for plants.


The advantage of the material used:

  • Non-combustible and fire-safe
  • Extremely durable and easily repairable
  • It is cheaper and more practical than glazing with similar properties.


  • The structure's frame is fully insulated.
  • Super durable, each element of the assembled structure can withstand loads up to 700 kg/m2.
  • Long service life and high load capacity.
  • Rapidly erectable.
  • No construction waste after installation.
  • The construction is erected taking into account wind and snow loads, climatic conditions, depending on the region.


Vertical greening

A pile field is installed inside the structure. Seedling pallets on the masts can rotate freely. Vertical gardening is the most efficient use of ф greenhouse's entire volume. An electric hoist ensures quick harvesting.


DomeHall has developed a unique project of industrial greenhouses on a turnkey basis. Winter year-round dome with a comfortable fertile environment for growing any crops, exotic fruits, and berries.


The dome uses unique insulation technology and utilizes internal space as efficiently as possible.


It is a complex engineering project. All systems, such as lighting, ventilation, humidity and climate control, heating are included. Thanks to vertical gardening, the 16m dome can accommodate 14,000 seedlings and provide a rich harvest all year round.


At the moment, the first seedlings have already been planted inside the dome, and the team is preparing to harvest. Sales channels in the Omsk region and nearby regions have been established. Fundraising for the construction of two more greenhouses is open.





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